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Jairo René Leiva

Photographer located north of San Francisco Bay Area. While I am based in Petaluma, I am available to travel throughout the Bay Area and beyond. Born and raised on Managua, Nicaragua.

As a photographer, my goal is to be the best at what I do and to create images that are not only exciting and stimulating, but meaningful and impactful. To provide the viewer and the subject with great photography.

My interest in photography has always been people. In fact, it is the main reason I like to photograph. The image captured in a photo sometimes is the only memory of the people who come in and out of our lives and of the great moments that we shared; moments that were, unfortunately, far too short. I believe that photography is another way of telling a story about people and places whose stories may otherwise have been forgotten.

As a portrait photographer, I believe in depicting people at their best. I aim to create images that are dramatic and full of life. I believe in restoring a sense of trust between the photographer and the subject so that the person in front of me might allow me to take that look into his or her soul – creating a lifetime photo image.

I find the most important element when photographing people is helping them to be themselves. I like to make a photo session a playful, fun, and empowering experience. Make the subject feel like there is not a photographer with the camera there, but a friend, feeling confortable.

In the past, Jairo has participated on fashion catwalks in the San Francisco Bay Area, Bridal shows and have done photography assignments for the “Miss North Bay Teen USA”. Some of Jairo’s photos have been published on Photographer’s magazines and also have been selected and award winning on local fairs.

I am an artist who is dedicated to creativity and freedom of expression. From the time I picked up my first camera in the early 1990s I have adhered to professional ethics and standards that will never be compromised. This site contains only a small representation from my archives of my work with the female figures and mother nature. All of the photography is original and created by me.

Hey, I love art, painting, drawing and graphic and web designs. Who do you think designed this site? of course I did. you can check my other site at LeivaDesigns to see some of my graphic designs.

Thanks for visiting my site.

Jairo René Leiva